Aurora R4 gets new lease on life!


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Jan 24, 2014
Las Vegas
Hello Alienware Owners,
First off, a HUGE thanks to Cass-ole’, AVictorD, Spookz and other for their contributions to the forums over the years. Their clear explanations and photos of m/board swaps gave me the courage to tackle the upgrade of my Alienware Auoroa R4 to a more modern Windows 10 based system.
The motherboard swap was truly a piece of cake!
As recommended I used a new Asus Maximus VIII Gene M-ATX size board. The stock Alienware wiring harness from the Alienware R4 motherboard (MCI manufacture) matched up to the new Asus board perfectly. No splicing and no different connectors required. I’ve read that the wiring harness in earlier (R1 through R3) Auroras need the front panel 5x5 10pin Dupont wiring connector changed but, not the case in the R4 (easy-peasy!)
The CPU is an Intel i7-7700k.
Ram is G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4 3200.
Graphics via Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition card.

Installed the Alienware Command Center software as instructed here… It works great !

The only small glitch is that after full shutdown, the ‘Alien head’-shaped pushbutton on the front panel continues to slowly blink white. I must disconnect the 110V power cord momentarily to stop it.

a second minor annoyance is about ½ the time the illuminated Alienware case panels don’t light after startup. A quick trip to the Alien FX command center to re-select the colored light panels turns them back on. I can live with that.

So swapping motherboards and updating was a worthwhile endeavor. Cheers!
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