Aurora R4 with Dual GPU HD 8990 OEM ; GPU 1 Overheating Solutions

Helo PuweY

New Member
Feb 19, 2016
Hello Alien-Members,

first of all my Specs:

Alienware Aurora R4
Intel i7 4930k 6 Core @ 3,4 ( Factory OC to 4,1 Ghz )
32 GB Ram
Radeon HD 8990 OEM 6GB Dual GPU
256 GB SSD
Recon 3D Soundcard

My Problem is, that GPU 1 always have higher temps than GPU 2.
I think it's the Airflow, because GPU 2 stays nearer on the PCI Fan.
It doesn't Overheat when I set the fans to 100% in Alienware Command Center.
But the noise isn't very nice -.-

GPU 1 stays allways in higher temps than GPU 2 , but only overheats in some specific Games like Far Cry 3, or GTA 5 when for example staying very Long in Ultra Grass or since I have a 144Hz Monitor, also in Diablo 3 when playing it with 144FPS.

It's always only GPU 1 that is too hot. Also I uploaded a pic from my rig and never changed something since I bought this machine. Do anyone has solution to cool GPU 1 except Setting PCI Fan higher ?
Maybe better fans or something else like adding an additional fan near GPU 1, and if yes, how ?

I'm very thankful for any tip

GPU 1 2 3.jpg :)