Aurora R4 (x79) BIOS Bricked, Possible fix?


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Jun 25, 2021
Very long story if i don't just shorten it, this board has been all over the place with how it wants to act.

Bios A03
Wanted to throw a RTX 3060 in it.
Would boot to Alien head Post screen, progress bar at full, won't go past it.
Stuck a HD 5450 in it, let me get to Windows.
I used the .exe to update bios to A05.
Reboot, now it gives me the 5-beep code, which from what ive read is RTC/CMOS related.
Replaced the CMOS battery with 3 others I have lying around, same issue.

I can remove all ram and it will give the 2-beep code indicating no ram, so Mobo isn't fully bricked.

I have read about AMIBOOT, but upon attempt to boot, it won't power any keyboard I have plugged in, so I can't even use the key presses to start the process from a USB drive.

SO, I am at-
Power on;
-Fans run
-Take a few secs attempting to boot then spits out 5-beeps
-NO Display
-NO power to keyboard (When a mouse is plugged it it will momentarily light up upon power on, but not during boot)

'Fixes' I have attempted-
Move ram sticks, try just 1, etc
Swap the i7-3960x for an i7-3820, as well as back again.
Unplug the SSD from the SATA port
Unplug all USB devices from the headers(Kraken x63 AIO cooler & USB 3 on the Meshify C case I have the parts in)
Clear CMOS by both power drain & Clear CMOS jumper
Use 4 different CMOS batteries

I'd really rather not throw the board away, and would like to avoid ordering a replacement bios chip for $19 off eBay to solder on in place of the current on, but I will do this if it's the absolute only fix, or just resort to buying one of the frankenstein "x79" boards so my 3960x doesn't go to waste, unless I can find an actual x79 board for a non-rape-y price.(Spending $80-$90 on a psuedo x79 board is already terrible imo)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, I know there has been many ghostly issues with the x79 boards from the Aurora R4 run.

I can upload videos of what it does, images, etc to youtube or imgur if needed to help give anymore info.


Jan 9, 2013
no idea, since you pretty much need a keyboard … I might leave the CMOS battery out of it overnight & retry tomorrow … google how to blind flash a bios (might need to blind flash A05 again?, dunno!)… typically you would have flashed all the Bios versions (A05 > A07/A09 > A11) using a bootable (use rufus etc) USB thumbdrive each time, wait as long as it takes to flash / complete & reboot etc --> your best bet is to copy/paste your forum post here & start a new post at the Dellware forum, good luck