aurora r6 upgrade question


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Jun 7, 2017
SOOOO, I bought the r6 as a high end base to slowly build my own pc as I get the money little by little. I learned a little while back that the MOBO is propitiatory. WHICH IS FINE. I was just wondering, however, if I bought a different case and a different MOBO, and took the rest of the hardware out (ram, cpu, fans, gpu, hd's, etc.) and placed them in the new case and mobo, would that work? Or am I kind of stuck?


Jan 9, 2013
RAM/CPU/GPU/HDD will carry-over to a new case in tandem with a Skylake or Kabylake mthrbrd. The CPU cooler and fans will depend on the case you buy (R5 tends to use 5.25" / 120mm fans), while the power supply might work in a different case; if any cables are too short as a result of a new case, try extensions or buy a different model of power supply whose cables are meant for a traditional case that has a bottom-mount (not side-mount) locale for the PSU