Aurora R9 heating issues


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Jan 25, 2020
Atlanta, GA
So I just bought my first alienware product, the Aurora R9. It was, as far as gaming goes, a massive upgrade from what I used to own. I have owned it for about three weeks now and have very little to complain about, in fact, only one thing to complain about, but it's a pretty big thing. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER and the processor is Intel Core i7-9700 base clocked at 3.00GHz.

So recently, I have been playing the Witcher 3 and have noticed the fan getting really loud while I am playing, even for 10-20 minutes. I downloaded MSI Afterburner to track my temps and usage percents and what I found is that my GPU usage hovers around 40-50% and only gets up to about 75C regardless of graphical settings, which is what I would expect from a high end GPU like this. The issue I am having is with my CPU. Also regardless of graphical setting, that usage can be anywhere where between 40-90% and it jumps around constantly. Also its temperature stays at about 80C and frequently rises above 85C.

Maybe I just don't know how computers work but I simply can't understand why running a game at such a low quality with these spec would cause any amount of overheating. I have read that this computer has overheating issues to due to low quality fans and I know the obvious answer there is to upgrade, but I wonder if there could be another solution. Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if I left out any important details, I'll happily oblige if you ask.


Aug 23, 2015
Congrats. on nice rig. 75c and 80c! That's burning up, did you mean Fahrenheit? If those are Fahrenheit temps than it may be fan/software issue. I have had that problem with my old rig. It was the Alienware FX.


Jan 5, 2021
Abu Dhabi
I also have the R9 but mine was the 2060 super version.
The machine came with the Air cooled cpu ( 9700 non K)
Since my purchase I have replaced quiet a lot of parts because the machine was just to noisy and hot.

Cpu cooling is now the Corsair H60 AIO. I used a corsair ML120 Pro non LED fan in the top of the fan cage and then added the radiator bellow it.
The AIO comes with a 120mm SP fan and I used this also on the radiator to create a push / pull sandwich.

The lower front intake fan was replaced with a Corsair ML120 non led no pro fan.
I moved the HDD cage to the floor of the case allowing me to add a Second intake fan in the space it used to live in.
I secured this with industrial Velcro. Same fan as the lower intake.

The PSU in mine was the 460watt stock unit and I decided to replace it with a Corsair RM650 as I was going to replace the gpu.

Gpu was eventually changed to the MSI RTX 3070 x2 ventus.
Its a non blower card but I have found zero heat issues with the card after a bit of set up and tweeks.

AIO is set to 81%
Top fan and front fans is set to a custom curve set to a max rpm of 82% to match the corsairs max rpm ceiling.
I have it at 25% up to 55C and then the curve start to be more aggressive up to the max 82%.

Gpu I have set a custom fan curve and also I undervolted it a bit to help keep thermals where I was happy and not effecting its performance.

The highest temp I have seen on the gpu is 70c when running Cyber punk on max settings for a couple of hours.
The Cpu I have never seen go over 62c despite playing badly optimized titles like star citizen that uses 60% cpu all the time.

Hope some of this is of use to you in your heat issues.