auroras r3 and gtx titan

Feb 26, 2012
uh no i will not and i understand this is your opinion but i didnt build it for you to like it and i would appreciate you learning how to speak about fellow posters here. i modded my case for me and me alone. also where else do you suggest i put the noctuas at. there is a 240 mm rad underneath the two fans. and yea you pissed me off with this comment. telling me i have bad taste. who the f are you to say i have bad taste. i believe yours isnt much better by your comment here


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Aug 6, 2015
Hi there, system looks awesome! I have the same Aurora R3, but different guts. I was wondering if you upgraded to Windows 10, and if so, how did your R3 take to the new Windows 10 upgrade? Mine won't let me upgrade, it hangs on install at the blue windows logo and spinning dots. But I saw that you also have an Asus motherboard, how is that motherboard? I've heard that you can use an R4 motherboard inside an R3, so I'm thinking about upgrading motherboards so I can continue to have BIOS support(the R3 isn't supported anymore).