Automatically reboot with huge noise.


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Apr 14, 2014
I have had the machine for 10 days and been suffering from nearly the same problem at the very beginning of initiating the operating system.
The CPU is i7-4770 with GTX760Ti OEM.
The problem had come out for more than 30 times within 10 days! The machine automatically reboot when I was using my discrete graphic card with huge noise all the time. And I wasted 2 hours today to contact the dell tech representative to fix the problem. The only thing they did is to uninstall all my drivers and to install them from the dell. They found the bug code is also 000000D1 and confidently told me the problem came from the driver. Ironically, right after I ended the talk, within 20 minutes, my computer faced same issue for 3 times! Now I have to use my integrated card to write this since my computer has already ruined what I have done once.
Who can help me? I'm considering to return this, and the representative told me the next step is to recover the computer, wth...

PS: (1) The ePSA was passed;
(2) I opened the machine and strengthened the part of the graphic card on the third day I owned it, and the machine ran well for 4 days, then started from last Saturday, the problem came out again.


Apr 16, 2014
You still didn't answer my question about the power supply and I would not expect that dell will help. Your software may be reading V correctly but, it will not show you the amps being drawn. That card is probably drawing more amps than the PS can handle and causing it to overheat.. I would not even think about running that setup with anything less than a 850W. All I can say is good luck.. :)
I Think....Your computer will almost certainly crash, but in doing so, it will probably offer a clue or two about what's wrong.

Sounds like you blew a couple of capacitors, take a good look inside and sniff around(literally), see if you can find what blew. When caps go they tend to be real obvious and smell real bad so they are easy to track down.