AW 17R3 models


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Feb 22, 2016
Hello all,

FYI, I did my best in looking over the forum for the correct place to publish this thread. If I enrage anyone I apologize now. With that out of the way, I recently decided to get into gaming laptops instead of console gaming. I wanted the mobility factor and after playing Fallout 4 on both PS4 and a friend's maxed out MSI, I realized that I was being duped into believing that graphics do not matter. So now that I have the pixel bug, I need some advice. Impulsively, I went to a local Fry's Electronics and picked up an AW 17R3. Paid around $1900 with tax after finding a price match on a competitor's website. Took it home. Typing on it now. Like it (i.e., build quality, smooth trackpad, smooth keyboard, pleasing aesthetics), but did some browsing on Dell's website and noticed they are offering newer models than what I have. I will attach what Dell is currently offering at $2400 out the door, compared to what I purchased from Fry's for $2230. I have circled in black the main differences I am seeing between the two laptops, mainly processor, GPU ram, and display type. If some folks could take a look and tell me if it is worth the hassle of me:

1. returning the current model to Fry's

2. waiting for payment to clear back to my VISA

3. purchasing the upgrade from Dell

4. waiting another week for it to ship

5. spending another full day tweaking it to my current settings

If it is not that much of a difference, aside from maybe the upgraded display being decently better, is it worth the hassle. I don't want to deal with buyer's remorse, but I also have a tendency to not be happy with anything that I purchase (so says my wife). Is 8gb of GDDR5 that much better than 4gb of DDR5? Is the i7-6820HK that much better than the i7-6700HQ. Is the 17.3 inch UHD IPS really needed over the FHD LED? If several folks could give their input sooner than later so I can make a decision to return the current laptop or keep it, I would be much obliged. Thanks for listening to my rambles and I apologize if I sound redundant.