AW Accessories Coupons & Thoughts?


New Member
Aug 8, 2012
In anticipation of my new AW m17x (being a 1st time AW owner)...

I'm looking for AW accessories. I already have the Tactx mouse (which I love). I'm thinking about the Orion Tactical Messenger Bag, but are there any coupons for these? Just spent $3400 on the laptop, don't particularly want to shell out $120 for the bag. lol

I'm also looking at the Targus HD3 Chill pad. I will mostly have it on my lap, couch, and bed... so I thought this might work best in that situation? I found a 20% off coupon for it...

Thanks for any help! (Excuse the noob! lol)

Btw, this is take 2 for me. The first m17x I received had a damaged motherboard. Customer care took excellent care of me though. :)