AW15R2 G-Sync over USB-C to DP

Hi all,

I recently got a new Dell monitor, a 24'' 1440p 144hz G-Sync, the S2417DG. I started out using it over HDMI as the AW15R2 does not have DisplayPort. It had no G-Sync and only operated at 60Hz (to be expected). I went and got a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter and now it is working at the full 144Hz. However there are a couple of problems.

#1 The 165Hz it promises it can overclock to won't work, the Intel drivers say it's too much bandwidth. Any clue how to get past this? I did enable it in the monitor's settings. I know it's not the monitor's fault but still looking for ideas.

#2 The biggest problem... because with the USB-C to DP adapter it goes through the Intel iGPU using Optimus I do not have an option to use G-Sync. Over HDMI it goes directly to my Nvidia 980m but of course neither 144Hz nor G-Sync are supported through HDMI. Is there any way to get a direct connection to the Nvidia GPU through USB-C to DP, or use G-Sync through the Intel?

At the very least can I enable Nvidia ULMB (ultra-low motion blur) if G-Sync won't work, as I don't see an option for that either? I've tried going down to 120Hz, which according to the manual it will automatically engage at that frequency, but it doesn't.

Any ideas?

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