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AWO gear?

We need to pick a material :D I was thinking something sporty like, polyester. Gotta love that material! xD Adidas uses it for most of their clothes. It keeps your body cool :D But, i think it will be a bit expensive to make a professional print on it. I can create a shirt design, though. We can have maybe, starcraft, mass effect 3 and bf3 ones? Something to keep it different :D
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Tommy -

Pappy and myself designed the *S.W.A.T.* stuff originally and I'm the one who opened the store. I'd be more than willing to help with the store, it's fairly inexpensive. We would just need a resident graphic designer to help with the logo we'd want to use.


And in case you don't have the link to the SWAT store.

This is the alienware cap i was talking about, it shipped with my m17x.
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Sorry for the pics quality, had to take them with my phone.
(I will upload them in the gallery aswell, just for reference)

It ships with all alienware laptops ^^ My friend was jelly of this cap! :D I get to commercialize alienware around ukraine in it! They should pay me for doing this! xD
They used to sell shirts but i guess, it took an arrow to the knee...
You know guys.. Iunno if you'd be interested but I do silk screening and embroidery as a part time business/hobby. If you guys want some shirts I'd be more than willing to make them at a fair rate. Drop me a PM or an email if you're interested we can talk about the details.