AWO Rainmeter RSS/Search Skin


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
Whats up AWO,
Thanks to Tommy turning on the RSS feeds, I decided to make a couple Rainmeter skins for the site.
One of them is a RSS recent posts feed reader with the AWO Banner. I have this skin set to refresh itself every 7mins. The other is a Google Custom Site search bar customized for


To install this you must have the newest version of rainmeter (@ time of writing its 2.3.3)
You can download it here:

The download package comes as a rainmeter installer file (.rmskin) Below is a video on how to install it on your system.
Alternatively you can view and extract the skin files from the installer if needed, Place them into the Documents/Rainmeter/Skins directory.


This reads "AWO Search" in AlienCaret .TTF.

Heres a quick video on how to install for those who are new to rainmeter. Sorry about the image quality I used freeware to create this video.

DOWNLOAD (AWO Skins for Rainmeter 2.3.3 and up)

Enjoy :cool: