AWR not restoring to factory condition


New Member
May 18, 2017
OK so ive bought a M17x R2 from a friend, and i want to restore it to out of the box OS setup. I've tried to do this with the AWR software 8 times now and all i get is windows 7 pro base install, No drivers, No software.. NO Bloody Help, why is this happening?


Sep 26, 2013
Alienware's don't come with a lot of bloatware and the windows installs are usually just that, clean Windows with no access installations. There should have been a drivers / utilities disc that came with the laptop. If you don't have that disc anymore you can go to and input your service tag which will point you to the drivers and utilities you need. For bare bones you will need the drivers that your missing as well as Command Center and On Screen Display for your FN keys to work properly.