Bad experiences with Alienware 17r3 (2016). Seeking advice & opinions.

If you were a customer in my situation, what would you do?

  • Push for complete product replacement (avoid refurbished replacements)

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  • Request for a complete refund and return their product (Dell is not likely to honor this request)

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  • Take Dell to the consumer court (and if that fails, to the High Court) regarding my problem.

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  • Silently wait out its warranty period & resell as a second hand laptop in the offline market.

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  • Push for complete product replacement (avoid refurbished replacements) AND a warranty extension

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Dec 3, 2016
Before I begin, I'd like to thank the community in advance, for your responses and the respective moderators for shifting my previous post to the appropriate sub-forum (if it is wrongly placed).

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Note: Dear Moderators, if this thread does not align with the interests of the community/forum, kindly notify me, instead of deleting it. I will respond at the earliest (within an hour, ideally... and if not, within 3 hours, at the latest) make the appropriate changes to ensure that this thread abides by the forum rules & guidelines.

I would also like to clarify that this is not a rant. I seek genuine opinions from fellow users/gamers & the international community as a whole regarding my matter.

A complete documentation of my experience with my Alienware 17r3 (2016) and Dell India:
( here )

A link to the Google Drive folder (actively updated) I’ve shared that contains several screenshots, DOCX files & other relevant media pertaining to my situation:
( here )

Logs & data have been shared in the Google Drive folder. I will personally update the contents of the same as I gather more data about the product post-service.

Components of this post:
1. Conversation with Agent from Advanced Resolution Group
2. Background Information about my system
3. Recommended Course of Action
4. My views on the situation
5. TLDR; (fast-forwards to my question)


An agent (Mr. Sharmil) from the Indian corporate office has been assigned to my case. He contacted me yesterday (during and after the parts replacement & servicing on my product was performed). A screenshot of the correspondence email has been uploaded to my shared folder in the Google Drive link above.

I was informed by Mr. Sharmil that the Alienware 17r3 is not like most Alienware products. It cannot be compared to any other laptop made my any other brand. According to him, it also cannot be compared to another Alienware 17r3 (2016) from the same production batch (or from other batches, for that matter). He claimed to have experiences with several 17r3 laptops and as per our conversation, he said that no two laptops were the same. I tend to agree with the latter statement.

As he suggested, it may generate more heat due to greater processing/rendering power (it's logical). However, he seemed adamant on stating that 93 degrees Celsius was "normal" as far as Intel i7-6700HQ (6th Gen CPU) temperatures go and that the laptop had not generated an excess amount of heat. It could not be termed as “overheating”.

He pointed me to Intel's ARK specifications page saying that up to 100 degrees Celsius was okay.

As per my knowledge, that (100~ deg C) is the Cap for TJMax (link here) nearing which the processor starts throttling and shuts down beyond a point.

He said that the processor is just a part of the entire system and if I had a problem with it, he could offer replacement of the CPU if it malfunctions.

Dissatisfied with the reply, I told him to leave the processor aside and refer to the product as a whole. The product was not giving the desired experience. The CPU, GPU & PCH all at abnormally high temperatures prior to servicing (I have not yet tested my system out post-service). I have observed that the product (as a whole) is (over)heating which causes lag across almost all games I play (even optimised ones), that causes a temporary (intermittent) dip in performance & FPS. In my opinion & in the collective opinion of the gamers’ association that I'm a part of (here in India), this level of heating in a gaming/high-performance product is unacceptable. Several gamers in the association are long time Alienware product owners. Most of them have rigs & setups that would put mine to shame. They were appalled by the response I got & deemed the entire experience (product+service) to be unacceptable.

If anyone has a better point of view, please feel free to comment on this thread


More than 80% of my product (Motherboard, Fan Assembly, Keyboard, Power Brick, Killer Wireless Module, Power Button, HDD, Thermal Pasting, LHS Macro Keys, etc.) has been replaced in the form of “in-warranty parts replacement” for various reasons (all of which are documented) over the past 6 months. My laptop even has a scratch (on the panel on the back of the screen) caused due to mishandling by a technician (I’ve uploaded a picture to my Google Drive folder). The scratch is not covered under warranty, I was told.

For reference, I bought my laptop 7 months ago (it is still in warranty). It would seem that the product had a manufacturing defect (as a whole) which resulted in such problems, leading resulting in so many service tickets.


I cannot believe Dell/Alienware approves of such high temperatures and such dismal/inconsistent performance. Such temperatures are not "normal", by any standards.

If they are in-fact normal, the community needs to be made aware of this claim so potential customers can choose another brand/laptop in the same range that offers superior cooling and/or a better service and/or a more customer-friendly replacement/refund policy.

We’re clearly spending way too much money on a product that (based on what I was told) will not be refunded and/or replaced. I’m of the opinion that this purchase is turning out to be a waste of money and time that could have been spent more productively.

I seek opinions and intend to put forth all my points & my arguments across in a formal email to top Dell Executives and the agent in charge of this situation so that it goes on the record.
I'm absolutely certain fellow gamers/users would concur with me. The local gaming community already expressed its approval of my argument in principle during our meeting. I think I need to put this across internationally as well.
I plan to put my case across to tech-journalists, distributors, retailers, bloggers, columnists, fellow gamers and youtubers either way. They need to be aware of a product, the brand and its policies before purchasing it for themselves/clients and/or recommending it to others.


I've consulted the local (& regional) gaming community, the gaming association that I'm a part of, some friends (who own Alienware products themselves), my technical advisor, my business partners, my legal advisor and several others.

As of today, the consensus is that either one of the following should be done:
1) Push for complete product replacement (Avoid refurbished replacements & decline to acknowledge if they offer any refurbished product) & an extension warranty
2) Request for a complete refund and return their product.
3) Take Dell to the consumer court (and if that fails, to the High Court) regarding my problem.
4) If all else fails, I was also advised to silently wait out its warranty period & resell it as a second hand laptop in the offline market. I will then use the proceeds to buy a new laptop (ASUS ROG/MSI) of my choice.

I seek advice from the Alienware Owners' community as well.

5. TLDR;

As an Alienware owner to several others, would such levels of heat prior to servicing, having replaced so many parts in a product still within warranty and having received such a response by an authorized agent after such an ordeal (product is still in warranty) be collectively acceptable to you, if you were a customer in my situation?

What would you do?


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Dec 3, 2016
[Update: 26th January 2017]
Frank Azor personally looked into the matter & followed up. Refund was offered & accepted.

After much argument & rationalization with the ARG Group & Mr. Frank Azor' (Mr. Azor's office got in touch with me a few days after I hailed him on Twitter, first, with a flurry of tweets & then, when he sent me a message via DM), I've accepted an offer for refund (accounting for 15% deprecation on the purchase price, since I used my 17r3 for a good 3 months before it started giving me problems).
It has been relayed via correspondence that the amount will be credited to my bank account within a couple of working days (around the 28th of January, 2017).

Meanwhile, I went ahead & bought an awesome MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro. It's absolutely fantastic!

I'd be grateful if a mod can lock or delete this thread.