Bad technical support and delay repair


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Dec 11, 2019
First of all I bought Alienware Aurora R8 this September, 2019 thought it was best purchase I ever made but I was wrong. After using the computer for more than 2 months. The Aurora started freezing, so I called Alienware Tech support to help resolve the matter . Dell sent out one technicians who claim they have 15 years experience and expert at any computer issue. Wrong, that was lie. He replace the memory and try rebooted computer still same issue . They claim this time it was mother board and solid state drive . So again, they sent another tech which took another 2 weeks who claim he been doing 10 years .. he replaced the motherboard still same issue. aurora will not power or respond . The tech claim he never seen this issue ever before in whole career. Call into to reschedule to replace processor, hard drive and another motherboard. The time is clicking it been 5 weeks, my computer have not been fixed who I thought where expert at what they do but seem like they are not full train to do the work or repair.. they mention they did not know what the problem was . They needed to advise other engineers to resolve the matter.
Today, I get called to schedule repair . Guess, what!? They did not come. Instead they came to wrong address. Now, I have another 6 weeks until computer to be repair.. I’m to point I want to burn this computer to ground. Plus I don’t like this situation has been handle. even try talking to manager, he said he had me rescheduled. I told him it been 5 weeks I’m to point I want full refund. 5 weeks nothing has been accomplished. Lastly I will not recommended anyone to buy Alien ware product. Their tech support will not go above and beyond to resolve the matter . They will send new parts make you make wait 5-6 weeks for repair ..


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Mar 19, 2012
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They just use local PC repairers so they may not have much experience with your particular machine.

I would guess that it would be the GPU or a driver issue. I have just been working on a AW 17 R1 laptop which was freezing anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes after startup and it was a faulty R9 M290X GPU.