Best bios for AW 17 R2


New Member
Dec 7, 2018
Hi all
I've just bought a 2nd user AW 17 R2 I7-4980HQ - GTX 980M-16gb it came with the 160W PSU and I dont think dell will give me the 240W PSU.

Can someone tell me what would be the best Bios to use with the lighter PSU?
I'm experiencing Throttling certainly on the CPU and I suspect the GPU.
I have tried A015 which was terrible
A05 best so far i think
A06 not quite as good as A05

Also is there a way to remap the thermal/fan tables. I'd prefer it to run cooler at the expense of some noise.
The Bios itself seems well nailed down with no real useful changes to be made that i can see.
Stu (UK)