best GPU for running 2 monitors simultaneously with my X51 R2


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Oct 31, 2016
I have a question regarding heat generation and having 2 monitors hooked up to my GPU.

I'm currently trying to decide between the EVGA GTX 1050 TI and the PNY GTX 1060 GC (would prefer the Nvidia 1060 Founders Edition but cant find it anywhere on the marketplace).

The first Monitor has 32" and runs at 1360x768, I use it to watch Youtube whilst playing games on my second Monitor, a 27" Monitor running at 1920x1080. Recently I started playing Civilization 6 and my current GTX 760 TI OEM cant handle both monitors running simultaneously when I watch youtube on the 32" and play the game on the other one, even if I limit the framerate down to 30, it will crash the PC because the GPU gets too hot.

I wouldnt mind having to play the game only on medium if it would enable me to use 2 screens simultaneously.
Can a 1050 TI handle that task (running 2 monitors) without crashing the PC because of overheating? From what I read the 1050 runs at pretty low temperatures, but there is no blower style GTX 1050 on the market afaik, which might cause heat issues with the X51 chasis if you put too much stress on the 1050. Can anyone confirm this suspicion or is this not the case?
As for the PNY 1060 CG, I know the build quality isnt the best and it would also be quite expensive to ship it to Switzerland via Amazon, and last but not least a 1060 probably generates even more heat than a 1050 in direct comparison without the chasis as a factor - and that's just it, the only positive thing about the 1060 for my situation would be the blower style fan because it handles the airflow as intended in the X51 as we all know.. if the 1060 could handle running 2 monitors simultaneously without crashing my system and the 1050 wouldnt be able to do that I would be willing to spend the extra money..
As I said, performance isnt at the top of my list, Civ 6 on medium settings and a second monitor attached to the same GPU running youtube would be my only requirement.. any input or thoughts would be appreciated