Best GTX 670 card for temps and quietness?


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Aug 30, 2013
What would be the coolest/quietest GTX 670 card to run in the X51?

I recently installed a MSI GTX670 OC which would frequently hit max temps of 90 degrees during game play. After running MSI afterburner at 80% fan speed this would reduce to just less than 80 degrees but the fans are loud and annoying as. I have since returned to stock 660 1.5gb for the peace and returned the 670 back to Amazon.

I've been looking at the reference EVGA 670 2GB as a replacement (as I would like higher fps than the stock 660)- would this run much cooler and therefore lower fan speeds / quieter than the MSI 670 OC? What about an EVGA 670 FTW? Although they are over clocked I hear the fan is relatively quiet? Anyone installed any of these in the X51? What are your max temps during gaming and fan speed? How noisy is it?



Jul 19, 2013
I was a little scared to get the 670 due to the fact that I already added a SSD on the top of the DVD drive. It takes like 5 watt or so and I can't live without it.

I ended up getting the EVGA 660 TI (from GT640) which is a pretty nice upgrade. I registered with EVGA so I have like 80 more days to decide if I like it or if I want to trade up to a 670($125) or 760($9).

The EVGA precision software is available once you register and with that you can under-clock the card to meet your sound/temp requirements and set the fan curve and all that good stuff. The UI of the software is pretty terrible but whatever....

My house is always 25c(77f). With the GPU running full tilt I'm able to stay at 74c. I'm running a 128mhz core 528mhz mem overclock because it does not seem to add to the heat or cause any stability problems but it may be causing more noise.

I think the FTW motel has better cooling and then you could use the precision software to set the clock -100/-400 or whatever puts it back to reference. I don't think that model is available on the trade-up so I'd have to go for standard :(
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