Best place to purchase Alienware M14X R2

Hello guys, I am thinking of getting a Alienware M14X R2 after selling off my M11X. Where and which website is the best and cheapest to buy? I am currently looking at and ebay (for refurbished unit). Dell website pricing is quite high and the tax is killing me too :(

Specs i am looking for:

i7 3610qm
1gb nvidia gt650m
8gb ram
500gb hdd
1600 x 900 resolution

Looking for around $1200 and below, do you think I can hit that price point with the specs I just mentioned?

Thanks for advice!


Nov 28, 2012
I purchased an R1 through the Dell Outlet for $780 shipped. I used a coupon code for either 30 or 35% off at checkout, which helped a lot. I can't remember if I paid tax, but the shipping was free. You might want to look around to see if there are still any active coupon codes out there.

One benefit of the Dell Outlet was the full warranty. We ended up having to use it and received an in-home repair. Dell replaced the fan, heat sink, and thermal paste. My son says its running much cooler now, but uses the cooling pad anyway just to be sure.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Add another one for the outlet! Up to now, I have bought 3 machines from the outlet and I'm extremely happy. I got the GF an M14x R2 for less than $1000 and it's in perfect condition. It came with all original packaging as did the other 2 I bought.

Last week I got my M18x R2 from there and it was about 40% the cost of a brand new one. I have always been the type of guy to buy new stuff but the outlet deals are awesome!