biggest alienware NL fan no more

hi there all

sorry that i have no placed any pictures.
i whas verry busy to create my own rig

i whas the biggest fan of the netherlands. what i did do for alienware. photo`s. helping people.
but thats no more

i dont now if this is in other country`s
but in The Netherlands the dell support is verry bad.
if i look at the facebook of NL page. there not many happy people also

my biggest problem whas my aurora alx. sinds i have gotten it i has given only problems with videocard. memmory en tempratures verry high

i have contact dell suport many times i dont get the help that i wanted.
when memory problems where gone.

only the videocard problems and temp has left.
gotten 4 new cards and problem still coming back so i buyed self a videocard. gtx 690
videocard problems and temp for few time gone.

then problems came back again. with shutting down system. BSOD. etc.
so i have tested the whole system and gives an error code. dont now witch one any more.

then i removed videocard. placed back amd. error code gone. placed back the gtx 690 error code back so i test with other geforce videocard that i have. 3 diffrent geforce card tested and all they give the same error.
so there is no way that al my card where deffect. so called dell support and say every thing that i have test
and they say that dont now what the problems where. i think it whas my motherboard. but they say it isnt.?

then i make the biggest step.
thats all saying good bye to alienware and build me own system.

now i have gotten my system for about 7 months and no problems with any thing anymore.
verry low tempratures.

gtx 690 aurora alx about 90 celcius
now 60 and between 70 underload

core temps from 80 underload aurora to 50 underload new system.
and much silence then a aurora.

and much powerfull then a aurora.
start up with ssd aurora about 1,5 minits
now 20 seconds also ssd

if you wanna see my new rig
place reaction bellow if you wanna see it i will make new pictures

greetings 031dutch


Feb 26, 2012
man dell techsupport sux hairy donky balls everywhere. i could be in a good mood till i have to call them. i dont even have to dial them to turn green. i just know that i have to. personally i am done with the new aw stuff. but i will always have a place in my heart for alienware itself. even owning my r3 has been a treat. i have a piece of history. a pc that started it all when it comes to prebuilt systems like this. i am having to move to bigger things because it is a bear to do any work on mine at all with what ive added.

although this should have went into the off topic section instead of here