bios update??????????


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Nov 8, 2012
Hi to all alienware owners. first and full most i need to apologize to anyone that reads this!!!!!!!!!!! i UNFORTUNATELY CANNOT call myself an alienware owner.........yes i have an alienware laptop and yes i own it HOWEVER its an ancient M5500. Its not a decent spec, its not brillant for games past 2006 really, but its good enough for my mrs web design practice shes doing so please dont castrate me for having such a pants bit of tech. (in all fairness it was once top of the range) :) sooooooo back to topic. I actually bought this a few years ago and was great for un real tournament that i loved etc. but i dug it out the cupboard recently (couldnt bear to part with it) and gave it to the mrs. i had massive out of date drivers etc and the bios is still standard from day it was manufactured ( 2.02w) also the battery decided it was not gonna except any love from the charger so its ac power only. i wanted to get a new bat but as with other laptops ive had, even an original new battery for said machine can have problems when bios is out of date so i havent bothered buying a new one yet. i am desperately trying to update the bios even if its just to 2.03, i think they updated upto 2.06 but not 100% sure. as i purchased this as second hand i have no access to the hive so getting support from alienware is never gonna happen, sucks, but such is life. I have all drivers upto date but trying to find a bios update seems impossible, i have found a few links that are now deceased but nothing else. I downloaded bios agent plus which states there is a bios update available, but im not spending £30-£40 pound for a one off update.

Does anyone know if bios agent even works?

i know its a long shot posting here but if anyone can help it would be great. machine is Alienware m5500 (255/259 series) running win xp, bios 2.02w

anymore info needed just ask. thanks to all thats read this and sorry if you feel ive wasted any of your time, although at least reading this may have brought back memories and possibly, just maybe made you refrain from deciding to give your own system a bath due to it own problems, or giving it a close up of the nearest wall. thanks again