Black Ops 2: Did You Know?


Feb 4, 2012
Saw this on another forum. It may seem like rudimentary knowledge to some but some of the suggestions and tips offered could prove helpful to people.

Please share any tips or tricks you might have about maps, weapons, combination of perks and/or attachments or any other aspect of the game you think might prove useful or beneficial to players.

Of course some of these tips might need to be proven but you have to take it on faith that people are not trolling. Might be nice to try proving them though if you are bored.

  • You get counter UAV points like you do with UAV
  • A carepackage thrown out of the map can be black hatted
  • Hold X or square in a lodestar to cancel it.
  • You can speed up a hellstorm missile by pressing Left Trigger
  • Turn controller vibration off in your settings, improves accuracy or take out the rumble packs
  • Hellstorm: Only the main bomb goes faster, but the best way is to hit the left trigger to speed it up then 3/4 of the way down hit right trigger to break it up.
  • If you get hit with an EMP grenade, you can throw an EMP grenade at yourself to get rid of the effects
  • You can shoot down a Hellstorm missile before it clusters
  • It takes 3 combat axes to destroy a guardian and 1 to destroy a dragonfire