Bluetooth 4.0 in the M17x rules - and a secret peripheral tip :D

Audio quality over Bluetooth has always been so dismal, that I've refused to use any of the gear I tried.

But a few days ago, I bought a Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth clip, that lets you plug in your own headphones, or whatever speakers you'd like to connect.
The HS3000 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and the recent APT-X Audio technology.

I've plugged this HS3000 clip into my KRK V8 studio monitors, and paired it with the Alienware M17x:

+ The sound quality is excellent
+ There are no clicks or pops during Bluetooth connects or disconnects (meaning your tweeters are not at risk of getting blown out)
+ The HS3000 reconnects automatically with the M17x as soon as I start it up, and plays back audio without any user intervention needed.
+ The HS3000 has pleasant voice prompts, letting you know its status
+ The HS3000 works fine while permanently plugged into its charger.
+ Its only $32 at Amazon
+ The same setup will work with your Smartphone
+ the HS3000 can stay paired with 2 devices simultaneously, switching back and forth without having to pair every time.
+ Bluetooth 4.0 supposedly has a 100 meter range, though your mileage will vary if there are any walls in the way...

- The buttons on the sides are small and without looking, your fingers can't tell them apart.
- The included ear buds don't even come close to matching the audio quality the clip is capable of.

I should note, that Samsung makes this to be used with your phone, to clip to your shirt, but it works great as a tiny little wireless audio receiver for the home.

Given that any other wireless playback gizmos using either Bluetooth, WiFi or DLNA are either expensive or hard to find (in the case of DLNA audio playback), this is a really cheap and high quality solution, I figured I should tell people about...