BO2 To Introduce Micro-Transactions (XBOX for now?)


Feb 4, 2012
Black Ops 2 title update adds micro-transactions, including gun covered in bacon

12th Mar 2013 | 09:59

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is to receive a number of optional in-game purchases known as Micro Items, community manager Dan Amrich has announced. They'll be available from tomorrow, 13th March, and constitute ""either personal customizations or nice little luxuries that I've seen players request"".

Presumably conscious that talk of micro-transactions often falls on hostile ears, Amrich is quick to note that "none of them affect gameplay, but they are small, specific ways to enhance your online experience."

There are Personalization Packs, whicih are "like dress-up for your favorite weapons. Each themed pack contains a unique weapon camo, three targeting reticles (one each for the Reflex, EO Tech, and ACOG sights), and a custom player Calling Card. All that stuff comes as a set for 160 MP."

"One notable example: the Bacon Personalization Pack (!) wraps your favorite weapon in the most delicious cured meat known to man. I like that Treyarch has a sense of humour."

The Extra Slots Pack, meanwhile, adds 10 more Create-a-Class slots (giving you 20 in total, providing you're a Prestige Master) and allows players to archie 20 more emblems, 32 more films and 40 more screenshots. It costs 160 MP.

The Flags of the World Calling Card Packs, finally, adds nation-specific calling cards and costs 80 MP.

Treyarch and Activision will also make Nuketown 2025 free to all, following widespread complaints about its availability. You can also buy Nuketown Zombies as a standalone level for 400 MP (ouch), assuming you didn't pick up the Hardened or Care Package limited editions of the game.

Amrich offers a few closing reassurances. "At the end of the day, all of these items are completely optional, and were created for players who've asked for more customization options.

"If that's not you, that's fine; everybody gets Nuketown 2025 for free, so definitely take advantage of that. For complete info, check out the official site starting tomorrow. And yes, these will be coming to other platforms as well; when I know a date, I'll post about it."

Care to fetch your torch and pitchfork? Or are you salivating at the thought of bacon-covered weaponry?

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