BOOM!!!!! Computer Blows Up.


Feb 4, 2012
Very sad day in Shmooville and very sad Shmoo is very sad.

My main computer the one that I have been playing on and has all my video clips as well as a host of other cool things has just died. The power supply shot sparks out of the back of itself. Which I do not understand as it was a good PSU.

I am mostly just sad and not angry about it not really worried about replacing everything in the computer just the clips that I won't get back because everything is most likely gone, PROC/MLB/HDD/GPU...

Cookies and crying is the focus of today.
Awww! Thats sad! :'( I hate when PC's die! I'm guessing it was a power-surge or something. Even the best PSU's cant survive something like that without a proper Desktop UPS. You may want to consider buying one it the future so this doesn't happen again. Last time I checked, sparks coming out of a PC means its not a good sign xD Don't worry, at least you get to build a new one! :D