Brand New Alienware 14


Feb 2, 2012
Congrats on your new Alienware 14. Please post up some pics.

Nice! Let us know what your shipping/packing info says. Does it say M14x R3 or Alienware 14?

I think AW dropped the ball internally with the name/model info. To me, revisions are for slight changes. The Alienware 14 is a total re-design, different chassis, etc. Calling it M14xR3 will just confuse the consumer I think. I would of called it Alienware 14R1 from the start, both on the Dell/AW website and internally on paperwork/invoices etc.

It seems some of there employees do not even know the official name/model. They need to get it corrected ASAP IMO. :)
Well congrats on your new machine there OP. I hope it's given you all of the pleasure you hoped it would since you've gotten it. But I would have been extremely p**sed off if the delivery guy had dumped an expensive item like that on display outside my house all day. I would seriously think about lodging a complaint there with the parcel firm if that's what they did.