Brand new Aurora not performing as well as to be expected?


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Jun 13, 2017
I have a brand new Alienware Aurora R6 with the below specs and I've notice FPS drops even on lower end settings in Overwatch and Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, in Overwatch I experience the FPS drops even on medium to low settings and in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds I get them even with everything on Very Low except the view distance which I have at Medium. What could be causing my system to perform so poorly or am I mistaken and is it performing as you would expect it to? How can I fix it if something is wrong?

CPU: i7 7700k w/liquid cooling
GPU: Nvidia 1080
Drive Type: SSD
Details are nice - like more of them are nicer. In order to figure out what's going on, you need to determine where the issue is. Check your event viewer first for clues. Are there additional services starting in one game but not the other? Is your connection dropping? Next, if no errors or warnings and if you're experiencing this while playing online with others, I would use Wireshark to create a capture of when you play one of those games as compared to a capture of when you play the other game. You can use those capture files to disseminate information that will lead you to the issue - If you really want to know.