Brand new M17x with one problem...


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Oct 4, 2012
Hey guys, picked up a new system today from a retailer, packaging and all bits and pieces were fine except for one little thing that's now driving me nuts - there's a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. Whenever the rest of the screen around it is black, or any darker colour, it stands out bright blue but blends back in with any other colour. I've tried telling myself it's nothing and shouldn't matter, but like everyone else I paid a lot of money to enjoy a high quality gaming machine. Has anyone else experienced this problem and would Dell fix or replace my system?


Sep 3, 2012
Alucard, just a moment.
Don't jump up and down yet.

are you sure!
Not dirt or talking over spray.
If either of those.

Do you know how to fix it the easiest way?

Grab a 'Soft Cloth'. If you don't have one. Use a Oakley Sunglass bag.
Get a 'Eraser' small. Warp the cloth around it.

AND 'roll' GENTLY on that spot. (don't POKE) May need to roll a few times.
See If that will fix it. If not.
Bring it back and Ex-Change at the store.

This is the 1 of those problem......

I rather wait and order online, to buy 1 from store.
Due to the fact that not everybody prefer AW.