Brand new to gaming on an Alienware computer (laptop)

Recently retired and interested in gaming. Purchased an Alienware laptop a couple years ago, but am a total novice. Is there a good "how to" site/forum I can go to to learn how to get started? One technical question I'd like an answer to concerns the hard disk partitioning. I have two showing up. "C:" which is about 150GB in size (and almost full) and D: "Data" which is almost 1TB and completely empty. Why do I have this partitions? Does gaming require enormous amounts of data space? Again, I'm a complete rookie to this so any help will be appreciated. Is there a manual somewhere? I seem to remember getting something with my unit but don't know where I put it.
Thanks for any help.
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Mar 19, 2012
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You would have two drives installed. The smaller drive would be an SSD with Windows installed on it and the other sounds like it could be a standard HDD. A screenshot would help confirm this though.
Yes, some games can use up a big chunk of drive space (80-100gb)
Do you know what model your laptop is?
There will be a service tag on a sticker on the bottom of your laptop. If you enter this number on the Dell Support page it will tell you what model you have as well as other information and drivers for it.