brand new x51 r2 with 270x not booting


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Mar 7, 2014
just got my new x51 yesterday. hooked it all up, hdmi from card to monitor, and it doesn't get past the starting windows screen. goes black after and freezes. it will boot into safe mode. im on it right now with networking on on the integrated graphics. it wont boot normal with the card drivers installed. I can get it to boot into normal if I uninstall drivers in device manager and then restart. used the integrated graphics to booy up but it auto installs the radeon driver as soon as you get to desktop. I have tried removing the card and reinstalling, uninstalling everything amd and getting the drivers off dells page and still nothing. tried a few different driver versions and nothing seems to work. alienware tech support said they will call me tomorrow as they will investigate the drivers but im not holding my breath. computer works great on integrated but I obviously need the card to work. any help will be appreciated.
I have the i7-4770, 8gb ram, 1tb hd, 270x, win 7 64