Build Thread, Alienware Area 51 ALX R2, new 2017 guts!


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Jun 27, 2017
I've owned my Area 51 ALX for several years now but just recently did a major overhaul of the hardware and wanted to share the specs:

Msi m5 motherboard, Samsung m.2 512gb 960 evo ssd, i7 7700k unlocked, corsair m100 dual fan radiator, 16gb ddr4, gtx 1070, 6x 3tb storage. 1100w psu, alienware daughter board to run active vents and led. Still working on cable management.

I am having one small problem with the Alienware Command Center/AlienFX software. I am running version when I boot my computer it sometimes lights up the case leds, and sometimes they stay dark. If they dont light, I just click "go dark" then "go light" on the notification icon. It seems like this is a software but not hardware related. I am running windows 10.1, dont recall if the Alienware command center is compatible or not. Suggestions?


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Jan 9, 2013
Nice guts

I haven't used WinX since the free upgrade deadline (I don't like it) and haven't monitored how AlienFx works or gets glitchy with it as that OS evolved over time. I may allow it to grab the Fall update though soon. At any rate, typically I would image my drive and impart changes to the clone - if they work - work the fix back into the daily use drive. 2.8.11 was in response to Win8 (but has no 10 validation), so I might uninstall CmndCntr in my clone and reinstall in Win8 Compatibility Mode, if no good, uninstall and try 7 mode or 8.1 mode etc, see what happens. Make sure .net3.5 is working / enabled. Honestly, the 1st observation on installing WinX is that the pc doesn't act the same, start up the same or even shut off the same anymore. If lights are intermittent, and if that's the worst symptom you have, maybe live with it; it's possible you won't get an answer for the why or the how ... ... ... on a clone you can of course try 2.8.9, see if it helps, where Win7 Comp Mode is an optional way to install. Random lights on or off may be a product of 10 having a mind of its own, it seems to treat or initialize the AlienFx board usb device in odd ways and may be related to some super secret hidden default setting in 10 nobody would think to look for as an answer
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Old thread but I found in building mine the trick is to use an old driver for the Command Board. The newer ones don't play nice. I had a SSD crash and had to do a clean install of Win 10 as stated by Cass-ole reinstall net3.5 first then your CC driver reboot all should be good.