Busted gpu and/or lcd?

Recently my gtx 675m got busted, so under dell's supervision they ordered me a new one which is still en route, however, until it arrives I had to use the busted one, which when playing games or viewing webpages with many .gifs causes the screen to go black, whatever sound in the background to loop, then shortly after, a system restart, and i get a notification of a bsod with error code 116, and that is only after a little while of usage.

I've managed to slightly lessen the frequency of this problem by lowering the gpu clocks by 25% using ntune.

But yesterday morning the laptop refused to start up, I pressed the power button yet nothing happened, so I drained static electricity, reseated the gpu, disconnected then reconnected the lcd display cable, and reseated the cmos battery, now the laptop turns on, but I get no POST, and for the first few times I got 6 beeps, which mean gpu failure, but after 2 or 3 times it started doing 8 beeps, which mean lcd failure.

I have no external screen to test on, and I tried turning it on without a gpu, and the only thing that happens is the lcd backlight turns on, and I get 8 beeps.

What I want to know, could it be that my gpu has completely died and it's causing the lcd failure beeps?, or has my screen died along with my gpu?