Buying a used x51 R3


New Member
Jun 11, 2018
Hey all,

Im planning to buy a second hand x51 R3 (i5 6400, 8gb ram, gtx 745, 1tb hdd) and I would really appreciate some help!
So first off, I'm not a 100% sure whether it is the 240W power supply or the 330W, and I could find out from the seller, however I would like to know my options of upgrading, for both scenarios. If it is the 330W, roughly what is the max GPU power draw the power supply can take, in other words, whats the best gpu I can install in the pc?
In my current pc, I have a HD 7950 which I was considering installing in the x51. Is that something you guys would recommend, and will it perform well enough for mid level gaming? My main concern is however, will the 7950 draw too much power, even for the 330W to handle? If so, which card do you recommend? I tried finding the max gpu power for this card, however, I got a little confused whether im looking at the right numbers and everything/

And in case it is the 240W, does that greatly limit my options even further?

I would also like to upgrade the hdd to an ssd, so will power draw be something to consider here too, suppose with my 7950 gpu installed?
Which ssd would you guys recommend to go with the x51, that is a balance of cheap, performance and power/space?

Thanks for your time!