Buying second hand machines


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I asked a Dell service rep what the warranty deal was when buying secondhand AW's off eBay. This was his response.

"Dear Matt,

Thanks for your email :)

Matt, any purchase from EBAY is to be considered as auctioned unit and is not to be supported. The warranty that is currently active is mainly meant for first hand purchaser only. And 2nd hand purchaser is to be denied support.

However, if you are able to re-register the unit after you have purchased the unit from ebay via link below:

There still chances of the warranty to be transferred to you, however I am not able to guarantee thats going to work. As it is subjected to several validations processes.

Also, once you have purchased the 2nd hand unit, as well as re-registering the unit, you will need to immediately contact our sales support within 30 days, on the details below to re-extend or re-purchase the warranty to get it reflected under your name. You will also need to show them your proof of purchase.;

Its a tedious process."

Therefore, just because someone is selling a machine that's still under warranty, it doesn't mean you'll get to enjoy it.


Feb 25, 2012
The whole idea of a Warranty is to keep you loyal to the brand. If they aren't making any money off of the sale then they don't feel as obligated to make sure you have good service.

Also it has to do with them not knowing what the original owner did with it. They could have screwed up the machine somehow (and not told you) and Dell doesn't want to have to fix that for no reason. It works sort of the same way with automobiles. That's why people who buy used cars make sure that they have been inspected first (Carfax!).

Edit: How many Alienwares are you going to have o_O