Buzzing Sound when playing games or music

Bacon King

New Member
Dec 13, 2012
I have had an Alienware Aurora desktop since March 2011. Ever since I got it, I would occasionally hear a loud buzzing sound. It only lasts a second, but the image on the screen doesn't change whenever this happens. It freezes for a second. And it only happens when I'm playing games or listening to music (through both iTunes and Windows Media Player). When I'm browsing the Internet, on Youtube, or watching a DVD, the one-second buzzing/freezing does not happen. It only happens every few minutes, but it's quite annoying, and scares me half the time because I don't expect it.

After a few months, it got progressively more frequent. Sometimes my mouse would not work for a full minute in the middle of a game. Keyboard still works when that happens, but the mouse issue just kept getting more frequent. It made games unplayable. And about a month ago, the mouse suddenly stopped working entirely. The red light on the bottom of the mouse didn't even turn on anymore. But when I plugged the mouse into my son's desktop, the mouse worked fine. So I started thinking the mouse couldn't be defective, since it works fine on another computer.

I tried looking into this problem more, and went to device manager. There I found an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle under the USB options. It said a USB device was not working properly. I unplugged the non-working mouse, and the error disappeared. So then I tried my son's mouse on my computer and it worked! It went back to the way it was when I first got the computer. The freezing/buzzing only happens every couple of minutes and is only an annoyance. My games are no longer unplayable.

But I would still like to resolve the buzzing issue once and for all. Can anyone give me some advice or tell me what component needs to be fixed/updated/replaced so that I can play games without this annoying buzz?


Feb 21, 2012
Have you plugged your mouse into an USB 3.0 port? If so, try reinstalling USB 3.0 drivers first and see if that fixes it.