can you run two 240watt power bricks in parallel to double the psupply wattage?


Apr 14, 2012
It has been done many time with many alienware systems I also did it for my Alienware M17X-R2, when i did the upgrade from ATI MR5870M Cfx to AMD MR6990M CFX. We used to build adaptors that had one output and two inputs from the separate PSU's The PSU's have to be divided with a couple of very strong diodes like the 1N4007 so power does not flow between them just from them to the output plug. Also one of the PSU need to disable the ID pin. I will look for my pictures but you could find it here. If you familiar with electronics to you could add a relay that only engages the 2nd psu under certain load applied to the first psu. That means, you will need to build an interface between them from the regulator ic to control the 2nd unit.