cant controle track pad whille useing the keyboard

Same problem here but I found that my hand rests slightly over the corner of the touchpad when gaming causing the trackpad to not respond due to two seperate inputs on it. My hand doesn't really touch it but Im thinking it's a sensitivity issue. I'll have to take a look in Alientouch tonight to see if I can remedy the problem.
It's been a while but I finally figured out how to fix this issue. Click on the arrow next to the time, double click on synaptics pointing device, click on device settings, on that tab click settings, hit the plus next to pointing, hit the plus next to sensitivity, click on touchcheck and move the slider all the way to minimum, hit apply and exit back out to your desktop and your done.
I spent some time fiddling with the settings, and it was the "palm check" feature that was causing problems (I also have a lenovo, and I had the same thing). I set it to Minimum and I can now rotate the camera while moving in games.