Can't get M15x R2 to recognize new SATA SSD


New Member
Oct 2, 2021
Hi all,

I bought an M15x from a mate who had lost the whole HDD/caddy/interposer.

I bought a new interposer on eBay. it seems to couple properly between the SSD and the laptop.

However, when I start it up, it will never see the SSD at boot/BIOS.

I try holding it firm in place, holding it slightly one way or the other, pressing it in tight or not quite as tight, try many different things - it never sees it.

However, I finally did get it to recognize. But I had to hold the drive out at a 90 degree angle, sticking out perpendicular from the bottom of the case (with the laptop up on its side)! This is obviously not a working solution, but shows the internal connections aren't totally fried.

Has anyone had an issue with anything like this?

How would you proceed with this?

If it would help to post photos, I can do once I get home.