Cant really decide what to get


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Sep 7, 2014
I have been doing a lot of research in the last few months. I will be getting me a new computer when I get my taxes back. I'm either getting an Alienware or iBuyPower. I really wanted an Aurora R4 ALX but I have been reading even on Alienwares site where lots of people have been having a lot of problems with their computers. A lot of people or just getting dead computers or bad parts to where they cant even use their computer when they get it. Or just keep getting the run around from Dell and it takes months to get what they need or stuff done. So I started looking into the X51 and I haven't really seen anybody complaining about getting a bad computer or bad parts. I have friends that like iBuyPower so I checked them out. They have 2 computers that are cheaper or around the same price and you get better specs. I have always liked Alienware but to drop that much money on a computer that gets so many bad reviews and complaints really worries me. What are your thoughts?