Caps lock visual notification issue ...fix here


Feb 21, 2013
Hello All

I had this issue a few days ago and i much trouble getting it fixed.

This is how to fix the issue that some pc and laptops seems to have,

It is when you get a text notification in a white box in the lower right hand side of your screen telling you that you have turned on or off your caps lock or num lock .

(which is very annoying and cause's people like me trouble when gaming if you happen to use one of thoes)

(i have no idea what caused it )

But here is the ONLY way to fix it ( i have seen other people telling people other fix's that are not working ,,using the "easy of access" in the control panel)

It is actually a issue with the blue tooth and can be by passed quickly by just truning the blue tooth off and ending the running process ( or a restart i think will also end the process )

But for a proper fix see below:

this notification is handled by BTTray.exe process. You must edit the following registry entries to get rid of this ugly alert:
Press WinKey and type "regedit" > navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Widcomm > BTConfig > General > KeyIndication

Change the value of "KeyIndication" from "1" to "0"
And the nasty notification is gone!

I hope this helps people out as this toke me a hour long call to dell support to get fixed