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Sep 15, 2019
Minnesota, USA
Hey, You Aliens Freaks! I know, campy greeting, but gotta make things a little light to offset the heavier, more serious side of things... Just wanted to have a One-Stop-Shop of ALL MY CURRENT PC SPECS to the fullest degree. There's a lot of pertinent info in all the little details and how they all come together to make or break a system. My goal here is to update here as often as I upgrade. I'm a very serious gamer, or virtual murderer, and want to try keep my R4 up to optimal standards, or as close as I am able to get them. Considering; Price & ALL the other Variables that work together to make MY PC work for me. YES, I LOVE MY R4! Don't like it, move on! Enough Talk! So, let's get started. Here's what I have.

ALL HARDWARE & MAJOR SOFTWARE SPECS - (Please note that Asterisk/ Star (*) denotes item UPGRADES from original specs.)
Aurora-R4 with ALX Chassis (Motorized Active Throttle Top Vents, Premium Liquid Cooling System on CPU, & AlienFX features w/ 8 Lighting Zones)
- 3rd Gen Intel Quad Core i7-3820 CPU (4 cores & 8 logical processors), 3.60GHz (Turbo 3.80 GHz), 10MB SmartCache, Intel x79 Express Chipset, and Micro-ATX Motherboard 07JNH0 (AO2)
**Dual Drives; *Samsung V-NAND 860 EVO 1TB, Sata 6GB (Master Drive) & *Seagate 4TB SSHD, 64MB Cache with 8GB NAND Flash (Servant Drive)
- 16GB RAM (out of 32GB max), Dual Quad Channel (4X4GB) Overclocked DDR3 @ 1600MHz
**Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 SUPER w/ OC 8GB, GDDR6, 256 bit, Windforce x2 Fans, Turing, Ray Tracing, DLSS, G-Sync, Nvidia GPU Boost, PCIe 3.0 x16, HDMIx1, DPx3.
- Integrated RealTek ALC892 Codex & PCIe Audio Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi
- 2 Optical Drives; Blu-Ray & DVD, both w/ write & rewrite -/+
- 19-in-1 Media Card Reader
- Network Wireless RealTek Integrated 10/100/1000 GB Card
- MS3871 Bluetooth Wireless Combo WLAN802.11b/g/n
- Power Supply is 875 Watt, Multi-GPU Approved Power,
**Windows 10 Home 64 bit

I think that's ALL of the major to minor important details of my system, or THE BEAST!!!

My next major project or upgrades for my R4 will be getting a new mATX Motherboard & i9-9900k. Been hearing a lot about the Gene Motherboard, so I'm kinda leaning that direction. Going to get froggy and make the leap sometime around the end or first of the year. Wish me luck, and I'll keep it posted! ;)
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