CEO of Razer praises Alienware, good article

here is a decent article which the ceo of Razer brought up on his facebook page. There are some hiccups though and everyone might not agree with it fully (read if if you get what I mean)

Great article on Alienware. I've got huge respect for these guys and they do a phenomenal job designing gaming rigs. Some people see the Razer Blade as competition to them but it couldn't be further from the truth. Alienware builds great ma
chines focused on ultra-high performance while we take a different design philosophy of performance and portability with the Blade.

Either way, the PC gamers win, whether it's an Alienware, a Blade or a rig you build themselves. More gaming PCs = more PC gamers = our world domination plans are more likely to succeed.

that guy surely does write and does a lot of cool stuff no wonder he is among the top gaming recognized faces, not just for being ceo.
and who doesn't agree with the last line? :D