Change parts or buy a completely new laptop


New Member
Sep 30, 2018
Hi All! My laptop is M14x. I'm not a very techy person so I really need some insightful advise from you to decide on changing the parts or just buy a completely new laptop. My laptop was not rigged and has the exact same parts/specifications as i bought it.

Current Specifications:
Processor: Intel Core i7 2820QM, 2.3Ghz
Memory: DDR3
GPU Type: Nvidia GeForce GT 555M

Speaker: Damaged (vibrates the whole laptop when a sound plays)
CDR: Damaged but no intentions to repair
Daily Usage: I can barely use it as efficiently like before. (eg. Lags and takes a long time to load during booting up, starting microsoft word application, Spikes frequently when watching netflix, unable to play games like Runescape, Dota and CSGO).

It will be great if you can identify the problem I am facing and advise on the total estimated cost if you suggest to change the parts individually.

Let me know if you need more information for further diagnosis. =)