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Matte finish or not

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Jun 27, 2015
4 years ago before moving to Oklahoma, from San Diego CA I had in my possession a Lunar White Area 51 case with some decent hardware. Due to job loss I was forced to sell my beloved rig for pennies on the dollar which made me very sad. I took some pics before the sale and ever since I vowed to once again own a rare Lunar white case, Fast forward to about 3 months ago - I found on Ebay the very case I had been searching for! The seller really had no idea that this particular color was so rare and I scored a tremendous deal ( $100) as he miscalculated the shipping and made only about $40 profit... I am interested in other owner's opinions as I dislike the shiny plastic look and was thinking of spray painting the case with a matte clear finish Yes/No?? I have posted a few pics Alienware white front.jpg White alienware case side shot.jpg Alienware door.jpg