check this video out and pass it along!


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Dec 2, 2013
Uh . . . I looked at the video. Boring. Not going viral for sure. If your friend wants to win, tell him to do an interesting video. Watching was 1 wasted minute of my life I will never get back. Really socially backward to ask people to watch that snorer of a video. Update the link when it is worth watching. You posted and asked us to invest time in it and to forward it to others. I would only forward it to people I did not like who I never want to hear from again. Your post if serious isn't worth viewing; otherwise, the OP must be spam. No one who watched this boring video, and valued their own rep, would forward it.


Nov 24, 2014
someone would have to pay me 50 bucks an hr to spend any time in that waste of space of a city I went there in o7 for new years eve in time square and wish I had that time and money back. only thing that nyc is good for is making new York state an expensive place to live and pushing their politics on the rest of the state. I live four hours north of the city and would throw a party if it fell into the ocean and took everyone in the city with it. nyc what a dump. ...sorry for the rant just as a real ny citizen it sucks for most of ny state to be associated with NYC most people in NYS would prefer to donate NYC to NJ where it belongs