Clean install windows 8 On R2??

Ok, so I just got my R2 in a few days ago, and I configured with the 256gb ssd. I was hoping that the laptop would come with a windows 8 disc as i had seen was the case with windows 7. But, no. There is no windows 8 disc. I noticed that a lot of my disk space was taken up just when I received the laptop. Is there any way I can do a clean install and try to clear up some extra space? because I start with about 185gb of space, and it's already moving fast. Also if i can't do a clean install, what are some things I can do to make space, and even conserve space, while still being able to have a good amount of games on the computer. I will also be buying an external which will have plenty of space but I can't have that constantly plugged in. Any advice is welcome :D