CMD Question+Hardware upgrading sudgestion


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Dec 15, 2015
Hello,i have an alienware aurora alx since 2011.
I'm mounting a PSU 875 W,
Mobo alienware 04VWF2 version A02 (this is taken from cmd command line)
2x amd hd radeon 6870 crossfire
intel core i7-960 3.20 ghz
6gb ram ddr3 (i think..dd3)
Windows 7 home premium 64bit

I'm thinking of upgrading the GPUS,since well..they've become legacy.I was wondering if an Nvidia GTX 970 would be good,i did some research and the PSU should be enough to power it but i'm not sure if the motherboard actually supports it. (i have the latest A11 bios update)

Plus,i had a question on command center.I'm actually running the latest one shown on my service tag driver page,it's the wich dates back to 2013 or more.I've seen around plenty of update for it,but i'm afraid they're not the right one.For example,i've seen version 3.5 for aurora R4 and such,and i was wondering if there is anything for our aurora alx that's more up to date..

Thanks to whoever will take his time to reply:)


Aug 23, 2015
If your CC is running good don't mess with it. As far as 960, I'm running GTX 750 Ti and my machine is older, I would think it would be ok but will it out shine an older model like mine, I don't know.