COD Series: The "You" In Gaming.


Feb 4, 2012
The idea for this thread was formed from reading the myriad of threads about overpowered weapons, campers vs rushers/other versus situations, connection or lobby issues and stupid or worthless perks. So pretty much every complaint about the COD franchise (including COD4, WaW, MW2 and BO) that anyone could have. Understand that this idea has been in my head since before I left probably about the time I made the thread about BO asking you all what you would do if it sucked.

Please no “versus” arguments, no off topic. And try not to get this thread locked as it took me effing forever to write it.

Please keep in mind that this little world I created for this scenario is not perfect and yes you will find some flaws but that should not and is not the main focus of this thread.

It is the near future and a lot of things have changed for the world of gaming. Computers are no longer used for gaming as a matter of fact computers have pretty much become obsolete, only being used for servers and government operations. Games are only being developed for consoles, one console actually the AtarWiiSegaPlaystationGenesisXboX is the new console and the only console, one size, one type, one console. Every console sold is exactly the same. Including the normal controller for the console, people are also able to use a keyboard and mouse that is tuned to the same millisecond response time as the controllers.

The internet has been completely overhauled and everyone on the planet now has a 100/100 megabit per second connection up and down. The last outage was recorded at 0100 on 23 October 2020, three years ago and lasted .00001 milliseconds. No other outages have ever occurred as those would have been recorded because everyone is on the grid. Fully customizable dedicated servers are used for all games, the base price of each server is the same (ten hail Al Gores before you go to bed) and each server is powerful enough to run 10 server instances with only using 10% of the processor core.

The only FPS out is called Call Of Duty: Internal Revenue Service Wars. Every FPS player on the planet is playing this game, basically if you are not playing it you are either dead... well you're just dead seeing as people in a coma are having the game streamed to them in there stasis. With too young to play and too old to play watching videos of the game thinking they are playing it. You get it, the only game!

Since there are fully customizable servers all weapons, perks, attachments and items are chosen by the server admin and people get the choice to play only those servers they like, or they create their own exactly how they want it, extending that to the ability to kick/block any type of play style they do not want including rushers, campers and snipers. Don't feel like playing with a bunch of rushers? You can tune the game so that they are booted and blocked. Hate playing with ADS campers you can tune the game so they are blocked. This either happens through the server pulling up the log for that player and assessing their play style for that particular account or by using server side tools that configure the game according to the play style of the server admin. All games are played on a Samsung UN46C6300SF/46 inch led HDTV at 1920x1080p as everyone who plays games has one.

Sounds awesome so far right?

Because this is the future and the government is now known as the Demosocialism Republcapitalist party, you now get the worst of both. Including every time you want to log on to your console or the internet you need to take a swab of the inside of your mouth in order to do this. Connected to the console is a jar with media that reads this swabs information and matches this up to the DNA in your records.

This however is good news for gamers.

By doing this you set your character up for playing. You see your on screen character is exactly you. Your onscreen character receives all of your physical abilities and drawbacks. Your online character will have the same stamina, agility, threshold for pain, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, power, finesse, balance of electrolytes; vitamins and minerals, judgment, reflexes and reactionary time . Poor eyesight and hearing are supplemented with in game codes to match your prescriptions for both eye wear and hearing devices.

So everything that “you” have control over in your life is left as is. Your physical abilities and hindrances are transferred to the game. Everything you have no control over is supplemented and configured for you by the game, IE: eyesight and hearing.

A third type of restructuring of abilities in game is known as the hybrid settings. These are server and game augmentations based on physical impairment that is no fault of your own. An example of this would be if you are a Type 1 diabetic and cannot create your own insulin. The game will take into account your lifestyle and physical attributes thus basing its augmentations on where you would be if you did not have this physical ailment. This of course is provided you are doing everything else in accordance with the requirements to live a proper and healthy diabetic lifestyle a put forth by the Welfarianhealthinsurance-carehandout system. If you are contributing to your declining health it will take that into consideration as well. The flip side of this is if you are a Type 2 diabetic whose lack of exercise, eating habits and obesity has caused your poor health and fitness then you are on your own. Your character on screen will reflect this and no augmentations will be administered in game.

If you have a headache from a night of drinking, no augmentation. If you have a headache because of a brain tumor (not caused by you) then augmentation will take place.

So to recap... there is no such thing as:

Overused perks/weapons/attachments/items.
Over powered perks/weapons/attachments/items.
Camping for rusher games
Rushing for camper games.
Connectivity issues.
Host migration/lag/benefit.

The only differences in the game are caused by everything you have physical control over.

This means that if you are an obese, unhealthy individual who has no stamina or endurance, no agility and slow reflexes that eats like crap, your online character will reflect this and be the same.

If you are a triathlete with the cardiovascular/respiratory endurance of a herd of wild antelope who has absolutely no hand eye coordination your character will reflect this.

If you are a gym rat who is all yoked out on steroids and has great agility and short burst speed abilities but cannot run a mile your character will reflect this.

If you are of better than average health and have superb hand eye coordination, excellent agility and endurance your character will reflect this.

Everything is balanced and properly augmented other than what you physically and mentally have control over. Just you nothing else. Not the game, not other people.... just you.

So what do you think? Where is the bitching going to come from now?
No matter what, even if that existed and everything was perfectly tailored to you, people will find a reason to bitch lol even if it was the tiniest, teeniest, little thing that made no sense to anyone else, I can assure you, someone will feel the need to complain about it haha that's just human nature :p