Collections: What Do You Like To Collect.


Feb 4, 2012
I have always been a collector of rare items and services. But this past year or so I have made significant progress to ramp up my efforts in acquiring objects and services that I fancy or require.

My collections include rare books, gemstones and rocks or fossils, padlocks, ancient weapons, ball bearings and rare plants.
Oh and Vodka. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention textiles.

Yeah I know some of those are funny things to collect but they all have a history and serve a purpose. For some reason I have been wrestling with trying to understand why I am drawn to these items and I think I figured it out. The adventure or the surprise in the hunt. It really is kind of like being a Tomb Raider, except most of my time is spent on the phone and searching libraries or old collections of books and archives.

I recently went to Mexico to find a padlock that was supposedly found there after the Colonial Period it looks something like this. Sadly I could not distinguish what it was from the rust ball.

I also have a pretty extensive collection of lock picks that are really neat.

Anyway do any of you have any collections of rare items or antiques? Maybe ancient relics?