Command Centre Causing SSD Overheating


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Apr 7, 2020
Hi All,

Apologies this is my first post here and I come looking for help. I have searched the forum and google but generally can't see anyone having this issue before.

I own a 2nd hand Alineware 15 R4 laptop and am having some overheating issues. At first I followed all usual advice to repaste the chips etc and normally always have the fan on full blast. I also moved the SSD from slot 3 to slot 2. However the problem has persisted.
Doing some further testing and running HWInfo during a short stint of gaming has lead me to find a possible root cause, but no reason or solution as to why it occurs.

Issue - SSD Drive Temperature 1 reaches 80°c and Temperature 2 hits 120°c during 20 minutes of gaming (warzone). I am assuming Temp 1 is the SSD and Temp 2 is the NVME controller (from my googling). As soon as these values are reached I get BSOD and then upon rebooting the SSD is not seen by the bios and it refuses to boot until cooled down "Media presence not found" etc. N.B. Warzone is downloaded to the HDD, so I was surprised the SSD was even getting used much let alone overheating.

During my diagnostics I decided to unplug the charger whilst having HWInfo running and I was amazed to see the SSD temps immediately start to fall. Upon plugging the power back in the temps start to climb again (whilst idling). Looking further in to this, I can have the charger plugged and temps not climb as long as within the Alienware Command Centre I have the 'Power' setting to balanced. If the power setting is "performance" which it normally has been to date then the issue occurs. (I did not realise 'performance' also pegged the CPU to 3.8ghz and held it there, so I shall used balanced going forward.)

Furthermore, I can use the "performance" setting without the temps moving at all providing the charger is not plugged in.

I have checked the Bios and the 240W charger is selected (I could not find a setting for Hybrid power, but quick charge was and still is enabled).

Why would Alienware Command Centre cause the SSD to overheat?

TLDR / my problem definition is, with the laptop plugged in to the 240w charger, and "performance" selected in the Alienware Command Centre, the SSD effectively cooks itself. Is there a way to resolve this such that the "performance" setting can be used when required?

As a side note, I am also interested in undervolting the CPU to keep temps down if anyone can point me in the right direction for this.

Many Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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